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All Inclusive 420 Vacations

By @plug on 13 Oct 2018.
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erik-odiin-445989-unsplash.jpg Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

In this day in age, the hustle and bustle of work, life, more work, stress, etc., makes us want to go vacationing ASAP!

When life gets to be too much, we all need to chill and relax. Why not change up your vacationing scenario this year? Why not consider taking a 420 all-inclusive vacation, instead of the typical beach vacation that you did last year?

Seeing as my post about pot friendly destinations was received so well, I’ve got some cool new vacation ideas with the best fun you can have, just before you decide to give up on adulting, take a 420 vacation!

It’ll be a great time and it’ll free you of stress!

First, let’s think about the reasons why you should take a 420 all-inclusive vacation.

We all need a vacation from work or just life sometimes! It’s the only thing we must look forward to and we’re human, we need a break from monotony or we will not be productive or happy! Another reason for a 420 vacation, is to open your mind and educate yourself about the cannabis or weed philosophy.

There are several tour groups that you can reserve your 420 vacations with, and they can discuss what packages they have, so you can enjoy your time off.

My 420 tours

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFn9KrDH0-I *My 420 Tours Promo Vid**

My 420 tours have a Colorado weed package, which sets you up with an admittance to the Grow and Dispensary tour, in which you are on the party bus, that allows smoking on it.

You will be educated about fundamentals in their Cannabasics session and absorb additional information about the extraction procedure in Concentrates class.

These tours are growing more popular as more and more people learn about cannabis and become much more open-minded than they used to be. One of the most popular reasons why people take these 420 all-inclusive tours is the fact that they have fun activities to do as well.

There is a hands-on cooking class in which you cook with cannabis. The travelers also like the sushi, sake, joint and rolling class.

The tours also promise that a part of your 420 all inclusive vacations contains a weed-friendly airport taxi service. They will gladly pick you up from the airport in a private 420-friendly car. The driver will drive you directly to a dispensary, so you can purchase your first batch of cannabis related items. Then they will drop you off at your hotel for the evening!

420 tours know how stressful flying can be for many, therefore, why not start your vacation off the right way to reduce your flight anxiety. 420 all-inclusive vacations are made to relax, not to stress out at all!

They want your job to be solely lighting up a joint, bong, etc., and chill out. What else do you need?

Who wouldn’t want this vacation??

This all-inclusive vacation is a must due to several things. A deep relaxation massage sounds great in my opinion! This all-inclusive vacation contains a deep tissue massage, which is given to guests by using cannabis- infused massage oils.

With 420 vacations, getting high can be all vacation or just once, the point of the 420 all-inclusive vacations is quite the relaxing type of experience we all want and need indefinitely.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4UTxxlK8uM Cannabis Tours Hosts HBO

Besides the 420 all-inclusive vacation groups, there is also Colorado Cannabis Tours, which right now, is advertising a great deal on their Cannabis Lifestyle and vacation package.

This package begins starting at $170! For a short time a 3-day Cannabis pro package is only $170! It’s a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday trip, that saves you over $100 when you reserve your package. Of course, prices and availabilities are subject to change, just to be aware.


https://i.imgur.com/1RxKZ4O.jpg Rastavacations Homepage

If Colorado isn’t quite your ideal 420 all inclusive vacation, how about checking out Rastavacations!

They have several 420 vacation options open and available.

Their website has some cool features to guide you and inform you of what vacations they have to offer you. There is a 420 compass on the page to pinpoint your best source of cannabis friendly travels.

If you want somewhere with more cannabis culture and an older history for cannabis, check out Jamaica! If you want the ultimate 420 all-inclusive trip, Rasta vacations might just be the best bet.

Whether its Colorado or Jamaica, there is a 420 all inclusive vacation waiting for you! You can find great deals during off season travel, which is a great reason to get your vacation travels set up today.

Ever tried out a 420 vacation?