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After Dinner BLACK KUSH (70/30) indica hybrid spliff with Chocolate Chip Cookie flavored hemp paper - Solid Cushion and Euphoria, Balanced Energy

By @jackdub on 11 Jun 2019.
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BLACK KUSH indica hybrid

The Black Kush 70/30 Indica hybrid strain is a phenotype of the BC Black strain (Source). These Black Kush buds have 22% THC.


Black Kush Looks

The original BC Black strain leaves would turn black hence the name - this Black Kush phenotype takes on more of a white color from the trichome coating. Vibrant greens, light and dark orange pistils - these are some long buds, running along the stems.

fullnugtop2.jpg nugside2Cover.jpg

Black Kush Scent

The Black Kush buds have a dank and sweet berry sent to them - very nice, smooth.


Black Kush Effects (Source)

May Relieve - Chronic Pain, Loss of Appetite, Spinal Cord Injury. Effects - Body High, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing.
fullnugbottomstemedge.jpg fullnugmicrotopedgepistils.jpg

The Juicy Jay’s Chocolate Chip Cookie flavored 1-1/4 rolling papers are easy to roll with and burn smooth, i’m guessing the extra lightweight hemp paper weight is 14g/m². They have a sweet chocolate chip cookie flavor and scent with cookie graphics printed on them with soy ink.

packoutside.jpg packinside.jpg

Black Kush buds split for the Grinder

splitnugspack.jpg grinderfullsplitnugs.jpg

Spliff Rolled

rollreadypack.jpg rolledupwide.jpg

Spliff Sparked

sparkreadywide284.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/450093207657906196/587803468186779648/20190610_203819.gif

5:55PM was the First Toke… Chocolate chip cookie flavor on the lips from the paper, sweet and slightly sour citrus pine flavor - terpenes tingling the mouth, chocolate chip cookie aftertaste.


Mind relaxing, energy lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus. Cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing - slight perma-grin.


Black Kush Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke… Tasty sweet baked goods flavor and pine - slightly pungent but that fades quickly. Mind lightly excited - energy bubbling up through the chest, good feels.

microsplitnuglilback2.jpg microsplitnugstip.jpg

Third Toke… Sweet and slightly sour lemon and pine baked goods flavor with the chocolate chip cookie aftertaste.

microsplitnuglilpistil.jpg microsplitnugliltop.jpg

10 Minutes After First Toke…

Calm buzz, well balanced energy, soft cushion - watching a b-movie called Infestation, lol entertaining, i’m sure the weed makes it better.

smokefire252.jpg https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmUpWvCwKAPzxvHN63YqowTVA1Pbqzvws29W65bFqdb3uE/smoke_GIF.gif

15 Minutes After First Toke…

Fourth Toke… Sweet chocolate chip cookies baked goods flavor, light citrus aftertaste - smooth. Decently focused mind energy - balanced body, content euphoria. Smooth cushioned daytime buzz.

microsplitleafpistilpods.jpg microsplitnugglissen.jpg

25 Minutes After First Toke…

Fifth Toke… Nummy baked goods with a light pine, the rain’s pouring down.

microsplitlilnugback.jpg smoked.jpg

2 Hours After First Toke…

Well cushioned euphoria with decent body energy balance, decently clear and energetic mind - a little slap happy. The sweet lemon lime pine with a touch of cream and spice flavor from the Black Kush buds was a tasty match with the chocolate chip cookie flavored paper. I’d smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Have a great day!

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