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After 7 days I can finally sit down and write calmly.

By @juanmitherobot on 27 Jan 2019.
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But before start I'm going to make a joint. I have a bit of Hawaiian Haze that I have been saving for this moment.

A nice sativa!


This week has been a bit strange. First a lot of work from Sunday night without stopping until Tuesday. On Tuesday there was a show in the city where was played a film where I worked and I went to the presentation.


I ended up arriving at my house at 7 in the morning, the party was a bit long 😁. I was completely off for almost one day and on Thursday I went to pick up my son with whom I stayed until today.


I just returned from leaving him at his mom's house and finally I have been able to sit down to write something in my favorite social network while I smoke this joint.


After publishing this I am going to read a little and catch up with the publications of my favorite writers. 7 days is a good time to have a lot to read.

The good thing is that this next week I have almost complete free so wait for more publications from my part ... and I also come fresh from this little break of 7 days without writing so let's see what new things I'll pull out.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!


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