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A Visit To The Perfect World Hemp Center - Vienna

By @indaymers on 23 Jun 2019.
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Hey Tokers and Growers … Good morning !!!

Yesterday, I went to the dentist with an aching tooth for a treatment. The tooth has been bugging me since a week… I couldn´t tell whether it is rheumastism or the age (LOL!). At any rate, it´s not clear yet whether the tooth will be exracted but we want to conserve it as much as possible, so we´re giving it a chance til next week.

Before going home, I saw this dispensary called A Perfect World Hemp Center. We used to live in the street where this shop is located. This place used to be a chinese restaurant and now it is one of those shops that´s been popping-out in my district since the well known news that Canada legalized cannabis. The status of such shops are limited because recreational cannabis is still illegal in the country. They are not even allowed to sell seeds. THC are limited to 0.3% and one can buy as much as strains with CBD.

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So, I went inside and looked at what they offer and I decided for the Gorilla Glue just to have some reserves at home just in case tooth pain strikes over the weekend. At one instance, it is a strain that is one of the strongest CBDs available in the shop with 20.6% and THC 0.3% . I was shown other strains such as the Pistacchio and Purple Swiss which have strong lemony smell. ahhhh, both smell so good… both are already in my list for next time..

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Sweets For The Tooth…

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I didn´t mean to eat this as I just came from the dentist. Just out of curiosity, I got this hemp chocolate that should be so über crispy. It has cannabis seeds included as ingredient as well as oats.. Oh boy, tasted a small portion and true to what is says… I remember Nestle´s Crunchy chocolate. I will surely buy this again.

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Other goodies available …

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rolling papers….
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more bongs and pipes…
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nutrients for growing…
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medicinal strains…

This maybe is a one-stop shop, but it is not legal for these shops to sell cannabis seeds… What to do? There are shops that sell seeds online, so order yours now!!!

Stay cool… keep puffin´ for a high!!!

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