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A Surprise Mango Kush 🍀 and My Happy Manifestations of the Day 🌟☄✨

By @carpediem on 6 Jun 2019.
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Hello there everybody,

Time for another share of the day…

I love those days when everything seems to be ticking right, perhaps except the fact that I forgot to put my alarm clock today and my natural alarm clock (baby) was feeling a bit tired after the vaccines she had yesterday…so I basically woke up at about 10:00 am…and this is Thursday…I have a small, yet important project today, that I have to make sure goes smoothly and fast.


So the first time in many many month, I didn’t had the time for my usual morning routine…no coffee…no joint…i have to run…

But except this little hurdle, everything was going quite smoothly…

I have missed a huge traffic jam by a thread of a needle…it’s pretty much started forming behind, it was sort of like driving away from a giant wave, though instead of building momentum the wave was actually gradually coming to a halt…I later heard on the radio the some people for stuck there for over 30 min, due to a trouble to move the cars from the road.


Apparently there was a traffic accident, right as I have passed the lights….I hope i did not caused it with the smoke coming out of my window…it tends to be intoxicating ;)

Behind be i hear horns and angry people, and ahead of me there was an open road…


So I managed to show right in time before out team was leaving to the site, to make sure they got everything they need.

The project is quite small, but it is on a tight schedule…

We gonna be installing 3 hydroponic growing systems inside of an outdoor events hall. The plan is to hang the growing systems on top of the Drinks Bar, so they can grow various herbs for the cocktails they serving.

And there is an event planned later this evening, so everything needs to be ready by then…

Coming back to the office, I decided to stop by in a client’s place, we have installed a few systems at her place about a couple month ago, and she really wanted me to check them out…and as I was nearby I decided to check them out.

But first I have a little smoke break…


Her tomatoes are growing like crazy, I helped her out with some of the netting and pruning, just to make sure she gets the general idea, and moved on with my day….


Arriving back in the office, I had the biggest surprise of the day waiting for me.

Its like the universe senses that i am on a dangerously low supply of my medicine, and that i have just a few small nuggets left from my amazing finds yesterday, and that we have a whole weekend ahead of us…Bless You Universe!

The surprise was, that I a client of mine, that were nearby, decided to give me a visit and drink a cup of coffee with me, that’s all nice and all…but the real surprise about this visit, is that he just finished curing his little batch of freshly harvested Mango Kush.

And because “I am such a nice guy” (his words not mine :) ) he wanted to share, and brought a nice little present for me from his fresh crop.


Perhaps its not the best quality, as he is not a professional grower, and maybe those are not the mightiest of nuggets, but I know they were grown with love and care, and the most important thing is that I just got myself some more smoke(io), That I was trying my best to manifest in the past few days…How bout’ that @mayb :))


Anyway, I say “Thank you Mr’ Universe (or Shiva, Magu, Bob Marley…whoever is responsible for weed blessings out there)…
I really appreciate your presents…and I don’t want to be to greedy or anything, but if it’s all the same to you, Keep em’ Coming , …there is still a long way to go till Monday :)

So we shared a few doobies… he left me with a few extra nuggets and disappeared as if he never was here to begin with.


The Project turned out very nice…


The team managed finish everything before the deadline and everybody were happy.

Its now only a matter of planting the seedlings, and in no time their customers will be enjoying some fresh mint leaves in their Mojitos.


So Just As I Said…Quite a Nice Day…


I think its about time to have my last smoke at work, check out what you guys been up to ...


And now I’ll head back home to my family…


I Hope you all had a wonderful day yourself.

Sending you all some positive maryjane vibes, so you will also find/receive a nice little bag of nuggets, and that never again you will be counting your crumbles… ;)



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“I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it. ”

Bill Murray

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing…!


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