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A Surprise CBD Package - From A Swiss Manufacturer

By @indaymers on 13 May 2019.
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Hey guys!

Today has been a lovely day so far, even if it´s raining outside, because I got a surprise CBD package that my stepdaughter ordered from a Swiss Manufacturer called CBDOL AG. I am uber happy and I love it because it is more powerful than the one I have from Sensi Seeds.

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This is not an endorsement or promotion....

Backed by scientific facts and evidences, the Cannabidoil, a natural subtanse found in the resinous flowers of the cannabis, is popular in preventing common ailments of the body. A substance that has been in used since thousands of years. I´ve been using it for a year now. This bottle content of 10ml is good for 200 drops and the price conversion of 75 Euros is around 85 USD.

Details and Description

> Cibdol CBD oil 10% is among the strongest and purest CBD oils available today. Made from the finest naturally grown hemp, without chemicals, preservatives or other additives. Cibdol CBD oil 10% is our most concentrated olive oil-based CBD oil available. It is the perfect choice for those wanting a regular, high-potency dose of the purest grade CBD oil for maximum effectiveness. Source

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I feel sleepy after 30 minutes of taking the first drops as per instruction. It is much stronger (10%) than the one (3%) I´ve been taking previously. I take CBD especially when I suffer from my left eye nerve disorder that causes a strong migraine. It helps a bit since it puts me to sleep and forget the pain. For those of you who are used to CBD oil in whatever form, you know the effect guys!

Thanks for reading..... Keep puffin´ for a high!

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