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A Smoky Trip

By @razeiv on 12 Jul 2019.
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Hi! fellow smokers, i bet we all are having a high time here :)

Well it has been a while i had not posted here and that's all because i was in no internet area, hardly i could make any calls.

A perfect visit to the Scotland of the east- The Shillong in Meghalaya 65662597_474908133276482_7025015695226247297_n.jpg

These are a few shots from the Shillong tour 55859317_1000446550146114_1902980865305786266_n.jpg

The place where i stayed IMG_20190707_203006-01.jpeg

Well, apart from that had some local stuff there

65558351_120245769231948_1667895761419743410_n.jpg It had cost me 50 rs there, i thought it would cost much more


Had rolled it in raw which was pretty easy to find there in my hotel room and for that i had paid 500 rs extra to hotel care taker boys.

31326434_181962979295987_4431555399270793216_n.jpg As outside smoking the stuff was a bit risky, so i thought that was a pretty good deal at that moment.

Yea it was i guess

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Thank you and keep smoking!

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