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A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 1

By @carpediem on 7 Jul 2019.
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Hello friends, how you guys doing this lovely day?

Today i want to take you to India, one of my favorite places on this small earth.

Why? Because I am stoned, a bit drunk and my mind wants to go somewhere else right now, back to a memory, back to when life was a bit easier.

So India, a huge pulsating country, that is sort of a living entity on its own. A complex, turbulent, vibrant land whose geographic and cultural ends are not bound together, and sort of an enigma on its own.

I gotta admit, I truly love this place, I have been here a few times, spent over a year travelling it from north to south, but still I can’t truly comprehend it.

But that’s not today’s story, today i want to talk to you about one specific place in this magnificent county.

Parvati valley - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas.


A green and magical valley located in Himachal Pradesh state of northern India.


The valley was named after the goddess Parvati of Hindu mythology.

According to mythology, Parvati was the wife of Lord Shiva and the mother of Ganesh -(the god with the elephant’s head)…she can embody many forms throughout the Indian culture, each of which is worshipped as an individual goddess in her own right.

She is the goddess of power, love and renewal, sort of the “Mother Nature” of the universe….

There are a lot of legends about this place, lots of mythological extravaganza describing how this amazing valley came to be.


But the mythology I like the most, is the one that says that one day Parvati lost some kind of jewelry in one of the lakes nearby, and Lord Shiva being her husband, and one of the Main and most Powerful gods of Hinduism, sent one of his servants to look for that jewelry.

When he returned without it, Lord Shiva, turned very mad and opened his third eye and basically lost his temper.

Now Lord Shiva being both the God of Destruction and Recreation of the universe, gets angry quite easily, but usually when this occurs something very bad happens to the world…


So knowing that, Parvati wanted to avoid the destruction of the universe (again…), decided to give him some Bhang (sort of an edible preparation of cannabis that originates from the Indian subcontinent).

As the Bhang helped him cool down, she decided to create a place where her Husband, the mighty Shiva can come and chillout, smoke a few Chillums (sort of a pipe made from clay) and forget about his Universe-Duties…So she flew over what’s now called “Parvati Valley” and spread lots of lots of weed seeds across the whole valley, so it will grow there abundantly and Shiva would not have to worry about his supply….

Now that’s what I call a Good Relationship! :)

_image credit: https://janiceduke.com/_

Shiva loved that place so much, that he stayed there meditating for 3000 years, and one day after many seasons he fell in love with this place and decide to call it Parvati.

Now don’t get me wrong, this legend is just another one of the versions I heard, there are many other stories depicting Shiva drinking poison to save the universe, and the only thing that could cool him down was a few smokes from some potent Kush…but I prefer the first one…

The reason for that is this is the only legend i know that explains why there are so much weed growing wildly in that valley…


Of course i could be way wrong with the story, as i have heard it after smoking many pipes…so you know…but i do want to clarify that i have a tremendous respect for Hindu traditions and beliefs, and this brief depiction is in no way an attempt to oversimplify the complexities of those mytical stories…each one has a much deeper meaning and reasoning behind it.

You can find Cannabis plants growing on the side of the road, near lakes..etc..

_ look closer...those are all cannabis plants _

Its just there…nobody planted it or tried to cultivate it…it grows as any other weed around.


And during the season you can simply walk around and collect buds from the bushes as if you are collecting some berries in the forest.


The Potency of this wild weed is not as great as the cultivated ones, and it’s usually full of seeds as it successfully pollinates due to it being outdoors…so smoking it as it is will not get you that strong high you get from all those “medical strains” that you can get nowadays.

So the local population uses those plants to produce the local variety of Hash called Charas.


The main difference or shall I call it a uniqueness of Charas compared to other kinds of Hash, is that Charas usually made from living cannabis plants, while hashish comes from harvested ones.

The modern definition, also includes the geographical origins of the final product , and it have an important role to play, as some will argue that real Charas comes only from the Himalayan region of India…and that is exactly where Parvati Valley located.

In my opinion, if there is a paradise on earth, that’s how it looks and for sure how it feels.

Despite the tough competition with Kasol, the capital of the north is undoubtedly Manali.

I will not bother you now with the description of the snowy mountains that surround it, the magnificent forests that engulfs it from all over , the streams and the waterfalls.


Just imagine the shire, the hobbits’ place in the Lord of the Rings, add a few restaurants that serve any kind of food you want, one of the best varieties of Hash on this planet… and you’re on the way.

Ok enough about the mythology, and the natural beauties…time to talk about Drugs! :)


Unfortunately my day is over, and I must go back to my partner that might be giving birth any second now (she already started to feel the pressure).

So on the next chapter of this little series about India, I’ll share with you all about the smoking options in india, what are the differences between various kinds of Charas, and share with you my personal experience from my last trip to Parvati Valley…with all the good and the bad :)


So stay tuned :)

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