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A Night with NO Sleep 💤 , is a day for a Little Treat 😁 - ✨ EDEN ✨- High CBD Indica with some Heavenly Aromas.

By @carpediem on 23 Jul 2019.
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Hello and good evening everybody, i hope you are having a wonderful day.

It’s been a long day today…not that it was actually longer than any other (i wish i could make them really longer), its just that it felt this way.
The lack of proper sleep (for parenting and crypto enthusiasm reasons) and the unbearable heat makes the whole day feel like a drag…
I got no stories for you today, those long posts require quite a bit of time to write and edit, and as I have previously complained about ;) I don’t have much time recently.

But I do want to share with some nuggets I got today.


My lack of sleep is mainly due to the fact that our bigger daughter (1.5 years) has finally figured out that the little one (just a few days old) is not just some toy that mommy like to play around with recently, and its not someone else’s baby that she often get to hang out with…that will go back to his parents right after they finish grabbing each others toys while making some strange sounds…(weird babies 😆)…

That little creature that constantly plugged to Mommy is HERE TO STAY..and that our attention will now be split between the two of them…

I wonder what kind of realizations such a tiny creature can have, but it no doubt comes with some new behaviours.

So my point after all that…is that I deserved some nice smoke today ;)

So i have picked up a nice strain called “Eden”.

It is a high CBD content, Indica Dominant Strain, originating somewhere in Switzerland.

The THC content is not as high as some other strains but it has a very soothing effect, and that is exactly what I need after a day like that.

The sticker says it has about 12-14% THC, 7-9% CBD and 0.9% CBN…not bad.

The buds look good full of tiny trichomes…the curing was done properly.


The smell is very minty and a bit peppery, very light green color.


Eden is the perfect strain to soothe pressure and enter the zone. Suddenly all the emotional rupture you were in a moment ago is fine, you see colors, you can breathe, plan, see solutions, and the sun comes out from behind the clouds.


Time to grab the RAW’s and roll me a nice little doobie


Is it me or this paper really want to be rolled? :)
This stuff Makes your appetite healthy, I got very hungry after smoking it… but what’s so bad with that?! ;)

Lets a roll a fat doobie so tomorrow will be a better, chiller and happier day.

Gotta go now, It’s time for me to take the baby for the evening “sleeping-walk” with the Doggie ;)

Have a great night you all.


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