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A Lovely day ☀️ Turned into Anarchy 💥 🔥 - Thank God I Have This Kush!

By @carpediem on 2 Jul 2019.
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Ohh what a crazy day guys…

Its like we don’t have enough craziness in our lives…now I have to deal with Anarchy on my way home..


Now dont get me wrong, I am thumbs up for anarchy any day of the week…but anarchy is something beautiful, almost ideal…whats happened is just madness.

So the day started quite nicely, i’ve been out most of the day, having meetings with potential clients, doing a few project coordinations, but mainly driving around the country, smoking my sativa and enjoying the light cooldown in the weather…



I even got myself some ice cream to complete the idyll.


Visited a school that we have been working with implementing some hydroponics and urban farming education…a few weeks ago they planted their new hydroponic system that we installed together with the kids as part of the project a few weeks ago…


They really love it, and the kids are really committed, and have been growing some nice stuff.


Feels great to see young kids enjoying farming so much…we are helping to educate the future weed growers ;) so thats is a fulfilling achievement in my book ;)

But it’s all went down the hill from there…

On my way back home, the jolly day turned out to a fucken Anarchy.


For the past couple days we have been having some protests all over the country. To be honest there are protests here almost every week about various injustices and inequalities…there are quite a few issues here… But usually those demonstrations are usually peaceful and have some sort of agenda and leadership…

But this one is a bit different…


The current major protest is mainly by a minority group in the country, protesting a police officer shooting someone belonging to that minority a few days ago.

I don’t want to go into politics here, but there are two sides to the story, and currently there is a censorship on the event and its hard to know the actual reasons and the events that lead to the shooting, but while the event is being investigates…the whole country is suddenly turned into a war zone.

It started with blockades on most of the major roads, everybody that was trying to pass the blockade would get this:


Cars were incinerated, over 60000 people got stuck (are still stuck) in traffic for over 7 hours, and there is a lof of burning tires all over the place.


It absolutely surreal to see that..i’ve been to some crazy places in my life, I served 3 years of my life in a mandatory military service that sent me to places that are considered some of the most dangerous war areas on this planet…trust me i’ve seen some shit explode… But seeing this in my hometown…on my way from work…thats makes you feel something different…

That actually pisses me the hell off…


This protest doesn’t have any agenda, there is no requests…there are no leaders…there are simply a bunch of angry young people screamong their fucken soul out…when nobody listens… But they are shouting towards the wrong direction, they turn their anger towards the innocent people, towards mothers and fathers and their little children that find themselves stuck in their car for 6 hours, they hurt people trying to get to the hospital for an urgent treatment, they even hurt people on their way to their wedding….

I dont get this Shit!

I wish everybody would just smoke a giant doobie the moment they wake up in the morning, and then just chill out…everybody need to chill the fuck up!

Luckily i managed to pass around it, and after passing and witnessing this crazy event :

I was able to get home after only a short wait in the line of cars that was literally forming behind me.

I Really don’t know how I would react if i would be in that car, I know it wouldn’t end well for one of the sides, or probably even for both… I really hope that the gods of wees will keep protecting me from such events, even if its just by a thread of a needle.

Got back home safely, just to discover that my daughter was visiting her ants outside the city, together with her grandparents…and due to all this craziness that’s been going around, the train line that they were suppose to take home were blocked by protesters, and all the trains were shut down…

So she will be spending the night and her ant home …what a fucken day….all this madness and i don’t even get to have my best moment of the day, hug and play with my little girl.

I apologize for all the venting, and the lack of juicy nugget gifs and images, it’s just been one of those days ..

At least when I got home I get to enjoy a moment of break…as by the looks of it, tomorrow ill be even worse.

I need something strong after a day like this…

Time to take the big guns out…finish my Black Label and light up a strong Indica.


Good night you all, sorry for being pissed off ;)

Hope you all had less burning tires in your day! :)

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“Maybe it needed to be broken. Sometimes things have to break before you can fix them.”

― Kami Garcia

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