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A Closer Look At My SMOKE Stash Box!

By @indaymers on 8 Jun 2019.
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Hey Guys!

Today, we are blessed with lots of sunshine and fine weather! The birds are chirping again as if trying to communicate with their fellows how fine it is today. The other night, heavy rain fell down at around 2:00 AM that I had second thoughts what would happen to my girls outside on the top terrace. I did not expect that a heavy rain would pour for an hour.. Thank God, nothing happened except that the container soil are wet til now.

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Origin Of My Wooden Box

A couple of you gave lovely comments on my smoke stash box yesterday.. So in this post, I would like to share with you the story about its origin.

I found it in the Saturday Flea Market some years back ..... an old man from the Balkans in his late 60s, who was selling his stuff, gathered his belongings and called it a day as the market was about to close at 3:00 Pm. The wooden box had been his cash box where he put all his money from the day´s sale. I vaguely remember what he was selling but something like old tools or so. In this flea market, you can sell anything you like for as long as you pay the stall fee and abide by the market rules which among others the prohibition of sale of illicit drugs, adult movies, or anything pornographic..

Then, I saw his wooden box , it was so shabby, very old and its varnish had been stripped off that the original wood surfaced.....I stopped him and ask if he would sell to me his box and how much his asking price would be. He stood there for a while and asked me in return how much I was willing to pay... I said I´d get it for 5 Euros. He agreed and cleared its content... It was a deal!

box 5.jpg

The box as such is made of a solid wood, a hard wood which I could not identify. I can only guess that it is of solid wood because it is heavy in empty status, the box smelled of tobaccos... Thought I´d make it into a sewing box and it was perfect as a decoupage project. And so I begun to sand its exterior, added partitions, decoupaged using paper napkins with rose motif, sanded, painted to look like vintage, stenciled and coated with transparent paint until it was perfect. I used it to store all the threads I got for sewing until I decided to use it as my smoke stash box lately because of my growing paraphernalia.


The Perfect SMOKE Stash Box - All In One

The partitions are good to store a lot of various goodies... now it´s neat and contents are in proper order and I can easily get what I need. On the upper right...I placed all the rolling papers and to its left, all the seeds I would be planting next season.

box 3.jpg


And oh, you are seeing here the last nugs of 420 Haze + hashish. I would normally store my weeds in another jar. I am intending to make pre-rolled Js later to have it ready for smoking anytime my pain strikes.


And to wrap it up, these are my other stuff ....match, lighter, bowl, Js and grinders.

box 7.jpg

Thanks for reading!

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend!


Stay cool!.......keep puffin´ for a high!

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