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A Celebration - From Andalusia With Love

By @indaymers on 1 Nov 2019.
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Hey Guys!

This is my first post after almost 3 weeks of non-posting on my page. The eye mishap had been a pain in the ass! I had to undergo a daily therapy at the eye clinic to save the cornea of my right eye… I think I have told here once that I had a gardening accident end of September when I wanted to bring the aluminum ladder in the basement of our house. The front part was not secured by hubbz because he was not sure whether there were more cuttings to be done on the trees. I didn´t know this, so I simply took the ladder without knowing the front part was loose. It fell right into the eyeball and hit the cornea and it meant three weeks of daily to and from the clinic where I had to wait for a couple of hours before I was done with the eye control.

We are now in Spain since two weeks and since my eye is back to its elements, I will be more active in the platform thru curating and commenting. I also would like to try growing auto flowering strains so I could harvest it on time before leaving Spain.


420 Haze

I first tried this strain in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it seems as though that it is a very popular strain´just like Amnezia Haze that is a favorite of the stoners visiting the city. Almost all the coffee shops we´ve visited have this strain, but you are only allowed to buy about 5 grams max per strain per person.

At some point 420 Haze has similar characteristics to that of Amnesia Haze, only a bit milder. It is uplifting and once it hits your lungs… there is this tingling feeling that you would be floating. But still the head is clear and you´d become somehow energetic. The strain is sticky and smelled sour when nugs are broken with fingers. I would say I´d better take this in early afternoon… so there is still time to be creative, lol!


I didn´t bring my smoke paraphernalia with me as well as my stash box to Spain, it was too risky. For such undertaking, cannabis possession is still illegal in the country and if caught, that´s it and bye! But hey, the cannabis growing in this country is just like in Austria, you can grow your own cannabis plant indoor and this same rule applies to home growers in Spain with the motto…

…do not let your weed plants produce buds/flowers !!!

The departure date for Spain was nearing and I was busy as ever preparing the house, packing things to be brought over to our 2nd home in Andalusia. I also brought along a few nugs that I hid in the big box which was sent via mail to Spain. The strain 420 Haze is a favorite, we got it from a coffee shop in Amsterdam. We have more in stock that we can bring along, but as I said, it´s too risky we might get a thorough inspection of the luggage. I wouldn´t care if we are in our homebase, a small amount of nugs and hash is nothing. In Spain, the officers have a bit different mentality especially the Guardia Civil, you never know.

If I need to toke some J´s I could go to a smoke club and toke there. There are various smoke clubs near us, so one could just register by simply take the KYC processing.. Just a reminder that in these clubs, you are not allowed to bring any nugs/joints out of the premises.. you have to consume it inside the club.


Hurray… A Call For Celebration !!!

I was wearing the therapeutic contact lens for my right eye… it had medicine in it to cure the cornea. I was asked by my doctor in Vienna to have it remove in Spain since I had to fly already to Spain in the midst of the 3rd week therapy. We are exactly on our 2nd week here in Andalusia and last Wednesday the lens was taken off by a especialist and thank God , it is already fine and I can see now properly. I have to celebrate this of course!


Grow Shop - Just A Few Steps From The Clinic

Yeah, I had to go to the dispensary to get some papers and a small rolling machine which you see in the images here … it is a good one and you only need a small amount of nugs to crumble and put them in the machine and roll and add the paper, roll and lick the edge to close. I used OCD premium paper that corresponds to the machine size.


Best Place To Toke

I felt some numbness on my lips after the first toke. 420 Haze is always good to puff in the afternoon… Although I felt a slight lightweightness of my body, I didn´t get a couch lock-up. I felt I was craving to do something creative.

This was the nicest thing in my afternoon… I puffed the Haze420 J in my favorite spot alone in the balcony/ terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was a bit windy but the area is protected by 3 walls of the house. I just felt a bit dizzy after the 4th toke and found myself threading down the stairs in the direction of the kitchen. The nug is dense and take note, this strain will put you at ease with total relaxation, I was even motivated to do a chore, so energetic that I was looking for my craft project to work on. It has around 18% THC and it could help a bit in supressing stress because of its calming effect.


A single J like mine is good for the afternoon or evening if you want relaxation. I felt so relieved from my eye stress and thank God it is now over!


Thank you guys for coming to read this post !

Let´s keep puffin´ for a high!

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