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A BONSAI Cannabis Plant? ......What´s Wrong With My Two Choco Skunk?

By @indaymers on 20 Jun 2019.
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Hey guys!

Here´s hoping everyone´ s fine! It´s a catholic holiday today and I´m just kind of lazy to do any household chores. I have been postponing to write this but today maybe is the right time. I am sharing about the weird development of my 2 Choco Skunk which I germinated last April 10.

They are of the same strain as well as of the same batch. I call them weed nr. 1 and weed nr. 2 and both were germinated in soil. Weed nr.1 sprouted 4 days after germination, weed nr. 2 came out only after 21 days. I call it small wonder since I wasn´t expecting that it would still grow. But there is something between them and as you can see the small wonder has a normal growth even when the pot is smaller. Both get the same nutrients.

choco skunk 1.jpg

Miniature Weed

To show what I mean, I measured the two, weed nr. 1 is 28 cm tall and has tiny leaves that really never grew huge fan leaves, whereas weed nr. 2 has 40 cm in height and has big leaves.


Weed nr. 1 above...

has shifted to flowering already a couple of weeks back and is now having brown pistils which got to show that the buds are already starting to develop... The thing is, I still can´t explain why it is not growing tall , it really is a mini cannabis plant or shall I say it has become a bonsai plant. It is already matured and is on its way to develop the colas which I am afraid will not be as big and fat as they´re supposed to be.

Although they were given the same nutrients as with the rest of the girls, the only explanation I have is the size of the pot... surely, bigger pots mean more root development... So, in the next season, I will use bigger pots. Or who knows, I might try the hydroponic system.

choco skunk 8.jpg

The buds are already developing as the pistils are becoming brown... the leaves too are also becoming resinous which could mean that the colas are on its ways to maturity. I hope that the colas will grow bigger.... I´m knocking on wood.



Weed nr. 2 below

has been defoliated to prepare it for Lst. IT is really growing steadily and the pistils are already showing off their white color.


choco skunk 5.jpg

To sum it up, my guess is weed nr. 1 has different characteristics. And whatever is the reason for its weird growth, the important thing is...it is healthy and I expect to harvest good colas.

choco skunk 2.jpg

Stay cool.... keep puffin´ for a high!


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