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A black market Kush review

By @tecnosgirl on 29 Jun 2019.
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What type of Kush is this

Sadly the guy I got it off of forgot which Kush this one was. He bought some Master Kush and some OG Kush at the same time. Ran out of one of them but in the process he rubbed off the marker with the what was what on the bag. So he wasn't sure what kush it is. If it was me I would have looked at it closely and would know the differences. But for some people it is hard for them to tell.


The taste and smell

This has a smooth flavor that is sweet, fruity and slightly earthy. It is a mild flavor and not over whelming strong. It's smell has one of those muted smells that you don't notice while you are smoking it, but once you leave the room and come back you notice how dank the smell actually is.


The buzz

Is a nice relaxing buzz. I was hurting some after a long day of playing with my grandchildren. This strain in a few hits took care of the pain from that. Being an Indica this strain is one that too much of it will cause you to take a nap. So it is one for when you are not out and about.


Overall I rate this strain an 8.5

It loses some points because it is a little on the dry side. It also loses points for making you want to take a nap. I like strains that are relaxing that you can smoke a joint with two people.and not wamt to take a nap 30 minutes later. Luckily for me the way my body works that only happens the first time I smoke it but the fact I was napping with-in 30 minutes is why it loses additional points with me. With that said it is a good strain, just not as good as the ones I got earlier this week.



Till next time stoners

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