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Munchies Monday [Interactive Post]

By @cryptosmokers on 22 Jul 2019.
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High fellow Cannasseurs, Buds, CryptoSmokers and frients!

Welcome to the new weekly edition of Munchies Monday brought to you by Smoke.io and CryptoSmokers collective. This is interaction post which means we would like all engagement to be through this post comments. All your thoughts, cravings, smokes, food, edibles, anything related to food and cannabis should be posted as comments. Please, do not write posts about this topic, #munchies Monday.
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How to engage?

⚞ Post in comments picture consisting of your favourite source of THC or CBD (Joint, bud, wax, pipe, bong, dab…). ⚟
⚞ Picture of Food you plan on devouring. ⚟
⚞ Just comment what you like or plan on eating, making, baking or taking. Engage with other commentators and reward each other. ⚟

You can always write what are you eating, #smoking…few lines of text to start interaction, did you cook it? Was it good? Why did you like it, what do you smoke, how? What is the recipe? Are you sweet toothed? Are you on a diet?

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If you want to have a look at last week's post and see some amazing #foodporn mixed with #nugporn click on this link


Last week winner is @prettynicevideo with her all round healthy breakfast eggs and bacon. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a champion of meals. Also that dab pen looks like a bliss. Lets hope this new doctor does you better then the morons before. Good Luck from the tribe

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Here is your reward!


Winners of this week will be announced in next week’s post. Congrats to you my friend and keep them munchies coming.


Time of this post’s validity is one week. This is how much time you have for engaging and perhaps winning some SMOKE; but most importantly having fun. Even though name is Monday, we will support engagement throughout the whole week.

One of the reasons why we do this is because some of the users do not have enough time to write in depth posts but still want to contribute in some way. Smoke.io is not “Food Channel”, so we don’t want platform to be spammed with pictures of muffins and cookies. (Still we all like to eat after few puffs and stoners are famous for munchies, right?) So why not combine it in a friendly non-spamming way.

This kind of engagement requires less time and is healthy for our members to connect and learn something from each other. This might also bring in new people that want to engage with like-minded.

We will reward quality engagement with upsmokes and replies; some of the entries might get some SMOKE sent in their wallet. This all depends on how well this project succeeds, this is completely situational.

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