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420 - The Perfect Rotation From The Beginning Of The Creation / THCreation

By @lordoftruth on 17 Nov 2019.
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The earth spins, the sun rises and sets, we have day and night, but an year just isn’t what it used to be! Hundreds of millions of years ago, the earth rotated 420 times around its axis in the time it took it to orbit the sun, one year contained 420 days and each day lasted about 21 hours. It was the perfect rotation from the beginning of the creation. Yes, the earth's spin was set on #High mode!


But the earth’s spin has changed over the millennia. It’s a mystery geologists have struggled to solve until now, and as time goes by, days and nights will continue to stretch. The earth is winding down, and gradually from the spinning top of "420" is running out of energy!

Now, it takes the earth roughly 365 days and six hours to orbit the sun, so our year has on average 365 days, our days last for 24 hours, while 420 days = 1.1499209 Years ! Sure it will change again, as a lot of factors will gradually slowing our planet’s rotation, but nobody know when one year will be "215" days!

It doesn't matter, if 420 days are one year as in past, or 1.1499209 years as in our time or around 2 years in future, the most important thing; Tomorrow I will reach 420 days (10 080 Hours), so it is the time to celebrate my great #Milestone and my excellent Smoke.io' trip, that got start on Monday / 24 September 2018.


To thank you for your great support to my work during the 420 days, all of your comments will be upsmoked, tomorrow / Wish you a great sunday.

Thanks For Reading !

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