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4/20 in Portland, OR 2019 & the Following Weekend - Aura Photos, Winning Psychic & Cannabis Raffles, & New Blue City Diesel Clones

By @elamental on 30 Apr 2019.
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My 4/20 experince this year was amazing. We started off te day going to a local natural medicine event to pick up two Blue City Diesel clones that had been treated for aphids and russet mites with ladybugs and Aggro-Bio. They are going to be beautiful. They was also a Dab Olympics going on, but I decided to pass on that.


Next we headed over to a metaphysical fair to have aura photos taken using Kirlian Photography, that was developed in the early 90s. There were also many other psychics offering all different varieties of readings, but the lady that did the aura photos was not there yet. Instead I entered a raffle, and was the first name called! My freind Kenny also won a prize, and then when we returned later for the aura photos, Alexandra was the last name to be called in the second raffle (and won the same prize as myself, an hour long in depth aura/chakra healing and reading).

So not only did I win a prize, but so did everyone else that came with me!

There was a grip of people there, and only 6 prizes, we won half of them.

I also had some "spirit-orb" photos taken while I was there.



In between our two visits to the metaphysical fair, we headed up to the summit of Mt. Tabor for the annual Portland community smoke out. They banned smoking in parks a few years ago, but that does not stop everyone from assembling for a once a year mountaintop cannabis cloud. We made it up there just in time (around 4:10), and met up with a couple friends to blaze in honor of the divine plant medicine. Little did we know however, that a wedding was happening at 4:20 PM on 4/20/2019 during this year's event. It was beautiful.



So here comes the really fantastic part - when I went back to the nat. medicine event this week, I donated $10 to the raffle to give back, and I WON THAT RAFFLE ALSO!!! This one came with a nuts amount of prizes, ALL cannabis infused or the like, flower, dabs, hot-springs bath-salts, salve, edibles out the wazoo, seeds, cartridges, CBD dog treats, you name it. The above photo contains all the prizes in the grab bag (also in the following video), and there are some photo highlights of individual items pictured below.

So many blessings - so grateful - so ready to share




Please enjoy the following video where I describe my recent cannabis and psychic related experiences at the end of this April month, surrounding the time of 4/20. I also try one of the concentrates that came in the cannabis raffle, the strain is called ACES.

Click pic below to play https://youtu.be/7Tvf42cHJuw


Click here for more info about the Canna-Curate Smoke Fest in Portland, Oregon

Bless & Blaze Up Bredren


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