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FryDay-What's Smoking? [Interactive Post]

By @cryptosmokers on 12 Jul 2019.
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High and welcome to FryDay-What’s Smoking? [Interactive Post]

In short, what’s it about?

Brought to you by Smoke.io and Crypt☮Sm☮kers collective, scheduled on Friday; we would like to see what are you burning, smoking, toking, puffing… Any kind, any type any way comes to consideration, pipes, buds, dabs, hash…bongs, spliffs, volcanoes…spam us with them and we will try to spam you with votes.

Paraphernalia and smoke, that’s what!

Some of us are not that huge fans of going outside and spending time in pubs and bars, drinking… we prefer to spend our weekends indoors with few puffs, relaxed. This is perfect place for us to hang out and reward ourselves as well, get to know each other, develop interaction.

You are not obligated to post pictures of momentary smoke sessions; even if you are late to post on Friday, do not hesitate to paste that pic and start interacting with others on any day of the week. Comment, post, reward, engage, reply, read, interact…so many ways we can grow!

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If you want to have a look at last week’s post and see some amazing #nugporn mixed with #smoking click on this link
![winner.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmd1jSy68z9c2yHbpcWGXd1R5dQYHV4wwSjZmfkbAb8aSX/winner.png) #### Last week poster is @psyceratopsb with some rainy smoke session. https://smoke.io/smokeimageproxy/0x0/https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmULpab7H32x5m1UJzfTfqUYBXZNDjqr5WiH5pb1mohpku/IMG_20190706_143400.jpg
Posters of this week will be announced in next week’s post. Thanks to you our friends and keep that smoke coming.

Time of this post’s validity is one week. This is how much time you have for engaging and perhaps winning some SMOKE; but most importantly having fun. Even though name is Friday, we will support engagement throughout the whole week.

![Webp.net-resizeimage (100x100).gif](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmV7JHF22FUNMeXS8hDXpyjkfY8fdD5g2EMirdDkvvakAq/Webp.net-resizeimage%20(100x100).gif)

One of the reasons why we do this is because some of the users do not have enough time to write in depth posts but still want to contribute in some way. This kind of engagement requires less time and is healthy for our members to connect and learn something from each other, get to know with each other and interact. This might also bring in new people that want to engage with like-minded.

We will reward quality engagement with upsmokes and replies; some of the entries might get some SMOKE sent in their wallet. This all depends on how well this project succeeds, this is completely situational.

**Do you feel like your vote is the size of trichome? That your account will never grow bigger? You can join our small, still in beta Discord community [CryptoSmokers](https://discord.gg/TJrXD2s); but only if you tend to post regular, interesting, unique, authentic and genuine material on Smoke.io. Just a head start, you will need to be active member on Smoke.io and CryptoSmokers.** ## Click on the banner to joint the server

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