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3 Dream Jobs Even A Stoner Can Do

By @plug on 1 Feb 2019.
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Cannabis is slowing evolving into a multi-billion dollar legal job market for individuals who want to work with cannabis without worrying about failing a drug test.

President Ronald Reagan would probably roll over in his grave with his efforts on the war on drugs if he knew how the American people voted to legalize it in certain states; however if President Bill Clinton was still in office, he could finally inhale with a sigh of relief and a bong full of gorilla glue!

The cannabis industry is just starting to reach its impact on the world and hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. As a matter of fact, there are some jobs that offer a handsome income and cannabis benefits as well.

So if you’re tired of delivering pizza in ghettos were even the homeless don’t dare to sleep or getting ripped-off by low-life scumbags who don’t tip because let’s face it, tips can have an impact on how much cannabis you can buy, then you might want to consider these top 3 cannabis jobs that even a stoner can do.

alex-person-1134925-unsplash.jpg Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash

1. Master Grower

Even the word Master Grower sounds bad-ass and a job title that any stoner would love to have. Here is the bottom line, without the reliable cultivation of cannabis, there wouldn’t be any weed to smoke?

Someone has to grow it, so why not you?

A Master Grower is responsible for all aspects of the manufacturing process. What this means, you don’t need to have the greenest thumb like Willie Nelson in order to make $50K to $120K or more yearly only the right equipment and knowledge that can be picked up over a few seasons working for an already established growing operation.

It's not all singing to your beauties and smoking spliffs on the sly however as being the Master Grower, you’re responsible for the growing cycles of cannabis, cloning, pest management, crop nutrition, grow-house technology, interactions with compliance inspectors and local law enforcement officials, and employees who know what they’re doing.

2. Marijuana Dispensary Manager

Marijuana dispensaries are showing up more than Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances for a DUI.

Just like any other retail store, quality representation and good management skills are required. If you’re a responsible adult who can manage your money so that all of your bills are paid and you don’t run out of weed, then you could probably be a marijuana dispensary manager. Some dispensary owners might require a background in pharmacology or other degrees; however, some look for the best manager they can find that is trustworthy and has a good head on their shoulders.

If you don’t have any experience, you can always get your foot in the door as a “Budtender” and work the cash register until you earn your way up to a dispensary manager.

Either way, it’s a really cool job that even a stoner can do. Marijuana dispensary managers can make $40K to $75K yearly. In addition to a good income, dispensary employees often get health insurance benefits, performance bonuses, paid vacations and discounted cannabis!

For some tips on getting started as a Budtender, click here.

3. Cultivator, Trimmer or Harvester

This is definitively a job that any stoner can do, and it’s the most common opportunity for an entry-level job in the cannabis industry. If your someone who takes great pride in treating your buds like Hugh Hefner’s does for his Playboy Bunnies bushes, then you could be a professional cultivator, trimmer or harvester at any legal facility that cultivates cannabis!

The job requires precision, speed, and a good eye to minimize waste.

Most stoners in this position can earn $17K to $41K per year. It’s a hell of a lot better than standing in line at a soup kitchen after you just spent your last $50 on a bag of Zombie Killer OG.

Bud-trimming jobs are an important part of the cultivation process and in demand. Here’s how to get started as a bud-trimmer in the cannabis industry.

Right now with cannabis gaining legal ground on some level in almost every state, it’s the perfect time to get a good paying job. If you’re passionate about cannabis and can be dedicated to making sure everyone has good cannabis to smoke, then you might want to consider the cannabis industry.

It would sure give you something to post about on here every day...

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