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2Pac / The Beat, The Flow & The Crazy Dope

By @lordoftruth on 15 Sep 2019.
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Today marks 23 years and 2 days since the tragic and senseless loss of Lesane Parish Crooks (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) the rapper, the actor, the #Cannabis icon, known to the masses simply as 2Pac, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time was fatally shot on September 7, 1996, in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada and died from his wounds six days later.

Given the age-old theory that 2pac is actually still alive and living in Cuba or Malaysia somewhere, we went along and made all your wishes come true. Yes, sometimes we feel like he’s still here with us, be it a biopic, a documentary, a miniseries or most importantly a music project, but the sad reality is that we’ve been without his influential spirit for over two decades now!


Eleven & A Half Months

The highly successful American hip hop artist began serving his prison sentence on sexual-assault charges at Clinton Correctional Facility on February 14, 1995. It was eleven and a half months, he learned in prison that fear is stronger than love, no matter how much love he got for his peoples, he learned that a lot of people support him for just being him, and he has to give back.

He learned a lot of people look up to him to give back, so he must be able to give back, but he can’t give back if he is broke. He have to be about his business and his money, before he wanted to talk and explain what he is doing to can give back, but he is not doing that no more.

Nobody’s gonna understand him, he is gonna be out to do his music, do some movies, to try to give back to the hood any way he can, to give out food every Christmas, to give out turkeys every Thanksgiving and to have a Mothers Day program.

He seen the letters from readers support him, he read the magazine every day, then he started seeing this shit, he was like, Goddamn, they were talking about he had a pistol. That’s just like sending him to jail, but he did not care about them. It’s because of them he was invigorated and he was rejuvenated to do what he got to do.


2Pac & Weed

He just roll a #Blunt in 20 seconds, and even in death he teaches, we wish we could have had a chance to meet him, blazing with him would be the best smoke session ever. We did not see him all up on TV getting high, he was not making it where the kids, he was not making it like he was glorifying getting high, he always wanted to smoke weed with Mike Tyson, and Tyson never did it, Tyson said:

He was a closet smoker. He always wanted me to smoke weed with him, and I never did it, and I wish I did. That's my biggest regret. I wish I had 5 seconds in the ring with 2Pac's killer.

He was the Weed deliveryman for the doggfather one night in 1994 when Snoop was set to perform on Saturday Night Live for the first time and his stash was cashed. 2Pac brought a bagful of #Weed to Snoop backstage at Saturday Night Live, Snoop said:

He shows up with Madonna, man. And he's got a big bag of that do-it-fluid...He was showing me that he was elevated in the game. I smoked my first blunt with 2Pac, I’d never smoked a blunt before. I was smoking joints.

Who cares if you say 2Pac or Tupac, he would be disappointed at you guys, if you do not listen to his philosophical music, to his song, to his crazy dope. The beat, the flow, the lyrics, that bass guitar, 2pac was just smashing this shit here.

High Till I Die

Can’t wait for the legalization and eventually instructions on how to roll a blunt with 2Pac. Then we’ll all out hear 2Pac and more people will like the mumble rap less and bring real rap back.Tupac is the best! Rest in peace!

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