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2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #14 [Last Prune Before Flower]

By @relaylogix on 2 Aug 2019.
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Hello all you tokers/non-tokers/growers/non-growers…

Flower time is upon my gals. As full as they are, I need to get rid of a shit ton of foliage to promote bud growth deep down in my bushes.

Some may wonder how do I know which leaves to pull. I’m going to share my technique for selectively performing heavy defoliation.

I love my gals and try to treat them with the tenderest of care, even whe HST my shoots. I don’t just bend them over, I over bend them across my finger until I just feel the internal fibers break. However, I do this slow and very gently, I don’t want them to snap.

When it comes to leaf, I get a little bit rufer, but still take tender care towards my tips. Pulling to violently will rip the entire top off sometimes. This can cost huge yeilds!

So how do I locate the leaves to pull at this point in my garden? I look for the bud shoots. In this pic you can see the large fan leaf has a bud node(shoot) well established between it and the main stem.


This is what I look for in my last plucking. I just want bud shoots if they are established, not the large fan leaf. The shoot already has formed a set of future sugar leaves, these leaves will be enough energy to support the future bud that will develop here. Remember, I am growing outside and developing bushes, I have a lot of foliage to spare and would like to keep my tell tale fan leaves to minimum.

When I locate my selected leaf to trim, I always, always, always use my fingernail to score the leaf stem prior to pulling it off. Not only does it insure the leaf comes off, it prevents you from ripping fibers off down the main stem and destroying your budding spots. This also pinches of the remaining leaf stem helping the plant seal itself up.


Now the plant, once it recovers from this heavy prune, will focus all its energy into building up its budding nodes. Not continually growing the large fan leaf. It also will open the plant up for better light penetration.


That is how I select my leaves to prune. If anyone has any other pointers on this I’d be much appreciative. Comments and criticism welcome.

After pruning this is my garden of sticks!









Until next time Toe, Toe, Toke it up!