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2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #12 [Maximize Your Harvest]

By @relaylogix on 10 Jun 2019.
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There’s something to be said about growing horizontal to achieve maximum vertical area utilization.

The SCROG is nothing new to the cannabis grower, yet I still have numerous people look at me with the dumb stare when I begin to talk about it. The concept is elementary, provide adequate energy to all branches as equally as possible. Laying the mains down as they grow taller allowing for the branching nodes to in-turn become a top cola producing branch. Providing you with more than the 1-8 or so top colas.

Since transplanting the cannababies outdoors and affixing my trellis netting, the plants have began to stretch for the sky. Carefully I tuck them under this netting until they are tall enough to tuck under the next row. As you can see this opens up the interior of the plant for the sun’s energy to penetrate.

![Copy of IMG_2946.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/8a989eca6c1c14d05204e4c83bfc030f7ee6b579.jpeg) ![Copy of IMG_2947.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/979ce71eed1244dbef214814c12163981e7d8151.jpeg)
**Here is my gal JCExtreme NoName [Extremely Sativa], look at all the new growth along the stem. Come later on this summer, these will all be branches of bud, each appearing as a nice cola.**

Laying the plants down has made them less noticeable as cannabis, so that is also a huge bonus. Not to mention the square area utilization you can achieve.

![Copy of IMG_2948.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/ffd060c45517df7af47530066dfea8c35be17686.jpeg) ![Copy of IMG_2949.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/3439db6770235503124f43312824e3b763c3201c.jpeg)

This Snow White is looking so lush. I can not count the number of tops she has already on both hands. The fruits of labor are sure to be realized from this beauty.

![Copy of IMG_2950.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/934d941e2788c17bf71a2726aa5855047170836c.jpeg) ![Copy of IMG_2951.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/9e115f95d0ef64f865c955ca30a979077b4124d2.jpeg)

This is the other Snow White. She isn’t doing too bad, not as flamboyant as her sister but there is a lot of summer left to catch up!

![Copy of IMG_2954.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/f56516f962ae2d639c38ae9ffefac18ba69a0d28.jpeg) ![Copy of IMG_2953.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/relaylogix/c2d51f781ef86e8af1e446887be5510e861ca062.jpeg)

Here is the Vanilla Kush. There was an issue transplanting this plant outdoors. I think I broke one of the main stems [Taproot], when I tried to pull it from the bucket. I have been carefully nursing it back to health, pruning a lot of the leaf growth as it began to turn yellow and keeping the soil moist/damp until the plant appeared to stop yellowing and some new nodes have formed. Not knowing the sex of this plant as of yet, I can not say it is a she. This particular plant goes to show you the resiliency of the cannabis species. I’m hoping to see this one pop hairs, I would really like to see what this plant amounts to after a root disaster. Also, with the circumstances the plant experienced, I did not put this plant under the SCROG.

Some tips for you if you are going to utilize the SCROG method:

  1. Keep your plant’s root base to the outside of the rows. It is really hard to water 4 feet into your netting.
  2. Secure the netting very well. The plants will have enough strength to push up the netting.
  3. Stay on top of defoliating your branching shoots. By continually nipping larger upper leaves off, more sun can penetrate to the depths of your sea.

As you will see throughout this grow season, the SCROG is definitely the way to Maximize You Yield!

Until next time Toe, Toe, Toke it up…