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175 Grams Of Trim! What To Do! Using Oxygen Absorbers & Food Saver Bags

By @goldendawne on 25 May 2019.
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While Mr Golden D was at home recovering from his heart attack and surgery, I set to work on many homestead projects in the grow/garden/homesteading room. I had two gallon jars filled with trim; plus a little more still in the paper bag from the last harvest that I needed to get stored away.

I had contemplated how to store the trim, and after a few hours of research, I decided on storing it in my food saver bags with oxygen absorbers (100cc for long-term storage).


So I weighed up the trim in 5-gram, 6-gram, 7-gram, 8-gram, 9-gram and 10-gram amounts. Most of my recipes call for anywhere from 5-15 grams each and this way I can use what I need for each recipe without having to weigh it again.

Why did I choose oxygen absorbers? According to the manufacturer: >Remember the acronym MOLT when you are thinking about your food storage the four enemies of long-term food storage are Moisture, Oxygen, Light, and Temperature. Using Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers inside a Quart, 1, 2 or 5 gallon bucket is your best defense against these enemies >Oxygen Absorbers are made of a chemical compound, the active ingredient of which is a powdered iron oxide. Our Absorbers are completely safe. While they are not edible, they are not toxic. No harmful gases are created and the oxygen does not remove the fresh smell and taste of the product.



All 175-grams (6.17294 ounces) are now happily in there new home. Sealed… oxygen absorbed and in their rightfully nice and warm place.

According to Leafly: >Mildew and other molds on cannabis and other organic matter thrive in temperatures between 77° and 86° F, so basic precautions of keeping your cannabis in a cool, dark place will go a long way. Excessive heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken months to develop. When these essential oils get too dry along with plant material, it can result in a hot, harsh smoke

For more information on how to store, and NOT store cannabis, see Leafly’s page here

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